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My name is Amber Hawkins

I'm a Military Veteran that loves helping our American Businesses. 

Whether you are just starting out or already owning a business, I'm here to help make your life easier. 

From Websites, Business Documents, Design Work, Marketing, and Excel builds, I'll Tech It! 

I've worked at GoDaddy for over 7 years gaining more experience every day in the new technologies and opportunities that are being released.

Working at GoDaddy full-time, I see a ton of web designers that cause havoc for their clients and I wanted to design a business that people can trust! 

I started this company to help make life easier for business owners, you already do so much! 
Our Website Design Packages are charged  




and we can add things as you're ready!

What We Offer


I design websites to fit YOUR needs. Whether that be a small informational website or an advanced website.  I can also build you something to get you started and we can grow your business from there at the pace you're comfortable with.
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Need to sell products or services. Let's do it! What are you waiting for? There are multiple options and ways to make your business money online! 
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Do you have a current website that you love already, but just need help updating it or modifying it! Reach out . I would be more than happy to do a consultation to see what your options are.
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I can design mutiple different business documents for your needs. Whether that be employee forms, customer forms, updating a form or document and more. 
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Need excel documents to track information? Need to clean up or fix an excel document, I can do that also!
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I can do all sorts of design work from photoshop, illustrator, advertisements, brochures, email marketing campaigns, and more!
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Need someone to create a business page for your business? Or need some help managing and maintaining that business page? I'd be happy too! 
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Need to be found on Google. Having a website is a start, but there are multiple business steps needed to be successful.  That's where I'm here to help!
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I have a lot to offer regarding websites, design work, business documents, marketing, and more! 
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  • To say she has made my gym successful is an understatement. I literally wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Amber and Illtechit. She made my business grow so fast I started another one “rental company” a year later because I knew she would generate quick revenue for it. She had a website built within 12 hours and I had my first rental booked two hours later. Her talents are incredible!!!

    Bronson Butler

  • "I have hired Amber on a number of occasions for several different projects. Her expertise has literally made my vision a reality. She responds so quickly, appears to know everything about everything, and is super affordable. I have referred her to several friends that agree with me completely. I keep her on speed dial."

    Paula McDowell

  • I LOVE working with Amber. She is so attentive to detail and is so happy to make a product that both parties are happy with. Her expertise allows her to handle all the tech stuff and not have to worry about all the tiny details. I highly recommend working with I’ll Tech It for any website needs.

    Cali Bowen

  • I am enjoying Amber's professionalism and personality. As a novice, I can express in very fuzzy terms what I want and she can translate my somewhat incoherant thoughts into a very cool website.

    Ross Palfreyman

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