I'm here to build new websites, rebuild websites, and even just maintain websites.
I don't offer "standard" packages like most designers, I like to custom build packages to what you and your business needs. 
We can always build your website to what you need right now, and then add more later on.


How does the process work?

1. Reach out to me for questions/concerns.
2. Fill out the Website Questionnaire so I know more about what you are wanting now and later.
3. We will discuss those in more detail vs a phone/zoom meeting. 
4. I will write up the Services Agreement with pricing, detailed information of what's to be included in the build, and more for your records and mine. 
5. Services Agreement and Deposit are due.
6. Start building the website immediately and you can start sending over content (text, images, etc). 
7. You review the website build.
8. I make updates per your reviews.
9. Once you're ready for it to go live, I will then make the website responsive (for mobile devices, etc) and also enter SEO at that time. 
10. Website goes live! 
     ** Any updates after the website goes live will be $2.00/minute pricing. I don't upcharge to the hour like most designers, so if something takes me 5 minutes it's only $10. 
     ** My clients are welcome to make updates to their own websit if they feel comfortable enough! I'm happy to show them around!

How long does a website build usually take?

Website builds can take from a few days to a week or two just depending on how much content is needed, and if you have that content ready. I like to build websites quickly knowing this is your business and most clients need websites up quickly. 

What if I need other business solutions than just a website?

Absolutely! A lot of my clients have me bundle in business documents that I design for them, Google My Business creation, and even things like Facebook My Business into their website build fee. That is no problem! Or we can add those things on later on after the website is built, totally up to you! 


I design custom builds for each customer, which also includes custom pricing for what YOU need! 
Below are some general options of what we can include in your package. 
Majority of these options we can add on at any time if you do not wish to get them right away.


Website Backups
Website Security
SSL Certificate
Business Emails
Email Marketing


Visitor Counter
Device Responsiveness
Basic SEO
Custom Theme/Brand
Premium Design Plugins
WordPress "How To" Tutorial
Plugin Updates
Technical Support
Social Media Connections
Google My Business
Facebook Business
Memberships/Members Only
Connecting Payment Gateways
Google Maps
Team Members
Affiliate Links
& More



I want to thank first responders for keeping America going! If you are a first responder starting a new business or currently own a business, let me  know!


I want to thank my military family, so please let me know if you have served.


Have a friend or family member that needs a website, refer them and you both will get a discount on services.
Have a question? Just contact me.

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